We, at Cakesin.com, understand how important privacy is; hence the owners of the website consider private details of our users seriously. This page will let you know different kinds of information gathered by our servers, and gets different privacy policy links associated with the third party endorsement partners.

User Accounts

With your personal account at the site, you can freely give your personal information which will be saved safely at our servers, however it isn’t mandatory too. The personal information which you want to give includes username, email address, password, contact number etc. You are free to give extra information too on your profile, however it is completely your choice to keep it private or public, meaning disclosing your information to others is your choice.

Personal Identified Data

We don’t encourage users to give their confidential details like full name, addresses, and other sensitive data, be it while creating accounts, or posting comments on the site. Moreover, we strictly prohibit minors from using the site and from creating account, however, if needed; they can seek permission from their guardian before using the site. We keep an eye to monitor sensitive cases where users post or comment on other people, and to remove any offensive content.


When you browse through our website, few text files known as cookies are generated by the web browser to your system. Cookies permit users (registered/non-registered) to personalize the browsing information. It means that you can delete the cookies, and change settings in the browser disabling them. Note that, our company doesn’t give any assurance that all elements of our website will work according to your expectation.

Tribal fusion: The cookies of tribal fusion do not save any restricted information.

GoogleAdsense/ Dart: This document will give you information about Dart and Google cookie as follows:

Google is a third party source which makes use of cookies to provide advertisements on website. The Dart cookie of the Google allows the site to provide ads to users of your website, depending on their browsing experience over the internet. However, users can disable themselves from Dart cookie through Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Selling or sharing information

Cakesin.com does not have the authority to sell or share any personal information to third party, which include direct marketers and spammers. The main reason for this is we respect the privacy of our users.