1. How to Make a Payment?

Ans: You can make payment through any credit card, Visa and master cards. Money will be charged according to local currency i.e INR mentioned in website.

2. Sending Perishable items within India.?
Ans: No. You can send Cakes.. anywhere within Hyderabad.

3. How to Confirm Whether the Order Is Delivered or Not?
Ans: As you order the product, you will receive a message/e-mail stating the delivery time, date, name of the recipient and product delivered. Also you can check with the order status at Cakesin.com by entering your Order No or Transaction ID.

4. How can I Cancel My Order?
Ans: No you can’t cancel or modify your order once the process started.

5. How can I get gift of my choice which is not mentioned in your site?
Ans: Yes. We can arrange your choice of gift only when order is placed in advance.

6. What are your regular delivery services?
Ans: Our deliveries start between 10.00am to 10:00pm.

7. Do I get the order within specific time mentioned?
Ans: Yes. CakesIN accepts specific delivery times with extra charges mentioned in product page. You can check with delivery charges while selecting the product. We deliver cakes in time period but not at exact time, it may differ within 1hr from the time you mentioned.

8. Can I order to a person who is out of Hyderabad?
Ans: No. We wont take any orders out of Hyderabad. Cakesin.com provides services within Hyderabad.

9. When should I order a cake?
Ans: You can order 1 day before in working days.